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It's like, about the future, maaaaaannnnnn


released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


LiLa Durham, North Carolina

LiLa Who?

When childhood friends began recording in a fiberglass padded playhouse the product was proof of their power.

A group that uses hip-hop to motivate and accentuate the qualities of the other genres we love, LiLa shies from no sound.

They are proof that hip-hop can take any direction and be successful while still staying true to the integrity of quality music.
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Track Name: Time Capsule
Aerial burial to stereo in utero from a far far away ago
Archeo, Talley Ho Ecstatic to you Chryo when you find what you're looking for
Undercover but they know where you are
Find another place to cultivate it
Track Name: Fugsta
We all want to be thugs, but it’s never enough

Whether it’s the feeling of chasing maybe the feeling and rush

And just a brush with the law touched my circle of trust

And in my situation bugged, I’m keeping it hushed

It’s unnatural plus work be done tactical

You’re either sullen or your wreck’s not practical

They cut the corner with the knife in their hand

We take the lean on and we'd do it again

They walk around like they got something to spare

A true machavellian would not even dare

Da bull

Right back in and just playing the Jumanji

Vines grown in through the windows behind me

You walk so loose hold it down so tightly

Groove like an OG cruise on the nightly

Homie right beside me yo crime three-thousand

Trapped for the cataract larger than housing

Makin dope deals still eating eatin oatmeal

Well it’s real to be hard but ain’t hard to be real

We can play it so loudly you gotta remind me

When mistakes getting higher that’s the name that alongs me

Before that they won’t remember it gets foggy

Stories go short like a tail on a Donkey

The crime done wrongly has no self alignment

Before we cut away and then shine like a diamond.
Track Name: Reminisce feat. Pierce Freelon
‘Cause life’s too short, it’s just a beautiful Haiku

Happily not after completing the cycle

Telling your rightful heirs to bare thrones

Carrying the microphone make them aware of they vitals

A father a brother a son leader and trifle

Walking on thin ground like a ballet recital

Hiding guns in bibles instinctive primal

This decree to make peace depends on (A rifle/our rivals/arrival)

‘Cause love ubiquitous, never outmaneuvered us

Have to keep the movement up even in a montage with

camouflage suited up and still standing out

respect is due, but not handed out my casual

plan to action ran about a can of liquid satisfaction

Harem out the homies doin mad subtractions

Open new horizons, with new interaction

While I never showed while they was maxing

But I’m asking. Too late to tell when they be passing

I’d rather let a sicko than to know it’s my last when

It’s a party or the funeral you ended up

crashing You understand it’s everlasting

For the memory

that we stay behind

On the avenue

that we took in stride

Could not run it back

Never live it down

When we pour one out


Libation is the affirmation. We taste liquor not

to get twisted but to send the ones we miss a salutation

My homie passed away when he was barely

sixteen when his caddy turned colder than an avalanche

He never had the chance, to wipe his mama's tears.

Fogging up his windshield as it shattered to

a million pieces. Shit, he had so many drinks

He didn’t even notice when he heard the tires screeching

(Screech) Head spinning he was full of venom

And I was spiderman, trying to reach the good within him

Wish I could tell him pop the clutch and put in in reverse

‘Cause popping bottles like stepping on the throttle but

You in a herse. Yeah, I miss the conversations

Blowing smoke like the exhaust, now you higher than the

Constellations, now I’m standing with this liquor bottle

Pour a little out to lift your honor
Track Name: No News
In the middle of the night I was on with intel

Set sail want the wheels to spin well

Full of topics, news and gossip

Believe what you see and you read is toxic

The bag full of flames and I call that hot shit

You can’t stomp it out whether now or nineties

Walk red and talk the bull, define this

But no delivery and they might not find this

In confidence

A thread has been spun

To tie on your finger

and watch it grow

yeah they got you covered

no where to go

A fabricate

A garment to show if no news is good news

Then why'd you know the tallest of tales

Vrai ou Faux?

L I L A til tomorrow
Track Name: Sofari
Torrid on the floor, and said that I can't take no more, no nilla mi amore, when I wait for....day to turn to night and hide you underneath an eye, the mercury will rise, on the fine line.

Cause you cannot be away from me babe when I'm running the fever, to every girl in the world with the swirl yeah I'm running to you.

Animals roaming, the tour continues
globe may be warming that cold that is in you
jungles are swarming, wild adventures
become the beast in confiding intentions
we are relearning inside of convention
fire is burning so pack your possessions
deep in the journey, fever has set in
knowing she carries the deadliest weapon
tropical storming, call it a blessing
call me a monster but hear my confession
no man's an island, none have exceptions
all that the creatures we seek for affection
are down to domesticate taboo creations
love for the wild is all my sensation
what did we wait for? no vaccination
no representing upon our invasion
Track Name: Cozmik Adventure
See what we wanna be that weapon of the masses

Put it to a rhythm make it set it to a magnet

Rules of engagement evolve and establish

I don’t wanna challenge what they want us to have it’s a light show

Lackluster hype show back bust story told

Ending but it’s not we discussed it so I’ma make

right the offence is rubbish shield stays

foggy captain’s log we will be with the

mob like something on a promise

Stick to the script like bones in the closet

Rock is the start from your home to your office

Strike with no evidence straight off the top I be headed in

But the downer is a sedative

And yo the past is a relative here save the sedatives

The last man standing will never be credited

There is territory in the line draw in sky

Foe is made about the pros we go to wars and

Side to fight against the allies all lies told

Come undoing of the bun eyes good eyes gold

Young but they gung-ho jump through the gun smoke

Told em it’s a long race now they wanna run slow

watch with a long face everything’s done so

premeditated there is nothing to be supposed

Won’t even shave ‘cause there’s nothing I will cut close

See my reflection when I swing into Something

front row up close uphold utmost

Rhyming and reason I thing I got a couple

Find me a beat and the time we’ll eat

When the bomb’s on the baseline mind’s on asleep

We march to a drum line time that’ll keep and

combine to a heat-seek find your physique

You say that it sucks though the world’s bout to blow

My whole empire’s got a long way to go

You sign me the deed for the rhyme that I read

One life to die with one promise to keep

There is territory in the line draw in sky

Foe as made up by the pros we go towards a

Side to fight against the allies all lies told

Commandeering of the blood as good as gold
Track Name: Replica
What is it?

Takin a photo, they never detected a duplicate

exuberant never intuitive

Try and deny your redo in this foolishness fallin away gregruitous

easier than it was shedding influences let something pour like a fluid

this personal quest path is circuitous more to this music than doin this

who is this replica more misconstrued when the free than what your choosin

I’d rather be alone than loosin one more tip and it ain’t gratuitous

First yourself and someone else

Think you’ll make one more band think it’s felt

but you see but I can’t tell

that someone else but to you it’s a notch on a belt

We were shown the replica

amid repose the fortuna

The call was loud but no one herd could be the lead when lead astern
Track Name: End All, Be All
If it’s down to the moment, and it’ll be the last

If the sky’s on fire and about to collapse

And they still wanna ask me makin all the motions

A star’s supposed to burn for the galaxy we know

But there’s no returnin no escape the journey

and I really wouldn’t plan on departin too early

I wanna watch but what will we observe

if the globes gone wild dun already occured

But presserving the pause when givin me applause

droppin all jaws just lookin at in awe

I capture the rapture after disposal

the perfect exposure is flow in the nova

Hopefully, I’ma take a moment

Make the matter like hell but a little more flattering

Red black shadowy and earth shattering

yeah this right here is the last that’ll ever be i'mma take the final moment put it to ya

Track Name: Liquid 8
Submergin, not urgent search for breath but losin intertia.

No motions, just coastin, free market closes and opens

No emotions let em go we arrive to the top acapella go

Wanna let them know, all in a commotion someting will pop to the bubble we be blowin

We sittin atop, you would think we was floatin. It looks so good without the sugar coatin

I hope but it’s down below we plunge in the pungent the end of the road

And down to the dungeon I come up slow what will we become when it’s said and done

‘Cause it’s a whole lot a talk when they value one but bound to the back are the salutations

We sat there wonderin and calculatin the outcome how they approxomatin’

Salty solutions are not included, Disillusions, it’s just music

There’s no confusing the sound for the movement

So hold your breath till it’s gone and that’s what’s fluid