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released June 13, 2010



all rights reserved


LiLa Durham, North Carolina

LiLa Who?

When childhood friends began recording in a fiberglass padded playhouse the product was proof of their power.

A group that uses hip-hop to motivate and accentuate the qualities of the other genres we love, LiLa shies from no sound.

They are proof that hip-hop can take any direction and be successful while still staying true to the integrity of quality music.
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Track Name: Avalanche
The first flake fell

Who falls last leaf

Lake already froze, like a frigid flash heat

As I gather my clothes for the golden ass sweep

I can see every breath in the cloud that I speak

I look up to see that the sky is my peak

The cold true lie just a white canopy

Keep trying to climb as the air gets thin

As I start to see signs of precipitation

There’s no question that we’ve got thick skin

But the cold-hearted souls get frost-bitten

As the light gets dim and the night sets in

The full of the freeze is an invitation

To meet the snowflake that covers the scape

Cascade from the shape of the chasm to make

A clean escape from the place and the sparkle and grace

To traipse in the wake of the mountain and face


No you can’t beat, you can’t join

Though our blanket always keeps you warm

There’s no way you stand a chance

In the way of the sound of our avalanche

Inch by inch the world is entrenched

As we circumvent hazardous elements

It gets more intense to prepare the ascent

Bitter winds blow

And he reticent don’t show

I suppose that they stay below

But I know I was meant to expose the cold

We the heat in my soul, I will melt the snow

It’s a whole different world that I’ve yet to know

So if you want to go, you can follow at your own risk

Take it tippy-toe, but be cautious on the surface.

Slippery slope can get you caught up in the turbulence

Tumble and roll

Get lost up in the turbans

Glacially, spatially, ivory, masonry

Footprints on the path holding vacancy

Pearls and curls of the hills unfurl

With softness, but it’s an ominous roar

Over and over again

Pressure inside just the blink of an eyelid

Whether it all builds til the measure is highest

Or settles and tills like the crash of a pilot

Just a crack of the sheet when the crowd gets highest

So profound that the people, the sound-

You can’t sit down when the beat is around

Don’t stand still waiting for that anvil

Cause when it drops, life plans get cancelled
Track Name: Out With A Bang
Life is a round trip ticket

Back and forth and side to side

That might come with it

For types that’s driven

I might go hitch it in the bed of a truck

And get robbed by a bus

I got to bet on my luck

Fishin for a way to beat these odds

Cause this will be the day that I hop at the fish pond

Dish one to the homies thinking its gone

I bring it back even in this song

Belongs to fine memories

Beyond energy, beyond the cultures

To times gone

To realities that are hopeful

I wrote the penpal of my metaphor

Little hoarse

So I speak in a low voice

No choice but to see that

The world can’t be beat

The word of my dreams is the word on the street.


Don’t stop moving.

Don’t stop grooving.

A many moto, totos, pilotos…

Got a million stories so I wrote’em in photos.

Can’t speak, but I show how I go though

Reach each peak til I flow the volcano

Hitchhike where the rain grows.

Land grows everything that the man knows.

Off-land than you go through the mangroves

Off-hand another place that I stand for


Please come quick the tectonic plate might shift.

And the next step I take, be the last one I get

But at last as I sit

Take a glance this is it.

The transit terminals stand as my gift.

Passenger passing both hands

As I wish for the ride of my life.
As I admit, “A life left stagnant ain’t worth shit.”
Track Name: Group Therapy
When the solitary life has given you all it can

And you’re too afraid to note if you are your only friend,

There is always strength in numbers letters and soundwaves too.

Hope that you don’t mind but wrote this song for you.

Everyone in this world is an instrument

it’s the gate and the soul of our sentiment

spent time tryin’ to find how I enter it

came time so imagine all of my astonishment

then we fit together just like some continents,

me and J-La meant

and then so on, on and we went

until we honor with our on monument

collaborate like we making a conglomerate

originally the ten-speed gained speed

provisionally the roots of the tepee

an MC in the NC Dirty D

we celebrate a free thought

revel on a level like a skybox

therapy at a high cost

‘cause applause is exchange like the scraps that we made

for the movement that’ll never be lost


When the solitary life has given you all it can

And you’re too afraid to note if you are your only friend,

There is always strength in numbers letters and soundwaves too.

Hope that you don’t mind that we wrote this song for you.

Solo, we leave it up to you

To leave’em all alone until they decide to choose

Poor boy, there’s nothing left to do.

If it can work for me and E, I’m sure it can work for you.
Track Name: Neo Soul
As I sift through the crate of the greats

buried in the bones

skeletal remains

I feel it just the same

in the song that I sing

like I relic of the past

that at last I obtained

can’t do the forager

never was a borrower

thinking of the long haul

kinda like a corridor

if it started with a play scape

stuck it through the landscape

searching for a place and the sounds that the hands make

can’t cancel this man who was sampled

but next to our torch, man, they can’t hold a candle

these rap scavengers act like amateurs

picture us forever and they never need a camera

they well-done

at the end of the day

And I hear’em advertised, well the legends won’t fade

got my own skeletal if they coming of age

if you just came in then you way too late


You take the best of me and leave me with the rest of me

they rollin in their graves

when they just want to rest in piece

It’s just so plain to see that you ain’t who you claim to be

You take the best of me and leave me with the rest of me

FEAT. Jeremy Rist

Fix it up nice

make it ready for the mic

gotta do some shit that the people gon’ like

maybe do some old soul

looking for that old gold

make it look like a sickie

they go out of control

so pack up a fat bowl

bumping sax records

Hayes, Belles, staples

writing kingdom something wicked

and I’m checking for that one note

something I can throat

throw it on some drums

add bass and its dope

the beats like a potter

always spinning the wheel

it goes round and around

til it gains an appeal

and really gets that feeling

that I am trying to reveal

when the final product’s done

ain’t no need to concealing it

the pains concealing it

your brains are screwing’em

then I grab a mic and I really get to showing’em

FEAT. Sammy Feldblum

And it’s dopeful

years like hope for them

Keep the flows coming so that means I’m overdosing ‘em

referring to the past, son, I’m going toe-to-toe with them

keep the music chill and mental smolders in the row with them

well I hoping I’m prepared

‘cause I’m lucky to resemble

even them

much less what those chose to share

and then I represent

but then they got a little respect

chop it and on top of it

and I maybe throwing snares

and I sent it to my buddy just to see what he thinks

well he’s acting like the Sphinx trying to work out all the kinks

Until the music synchs and the whole beat links.

And damn it’s just perf’ fellas

I’m not trying to jinx

It’s always more practicing

back to the lab again

this old Blues, nah this time, the sentiments straight African

had a game too

taken all the best leave the rest

but understand it’s because I am on the quest to progress

And then I’m making nesting

I guess its speaking fresh

I get it off my chest

so I never have to stress

I’m blessed.

The track will pull back intact

he just took the best of me.

You’re better than that.


You take the best of me and leave me with the rest of me

then only leave me things

and that leave us with the rest of things

It’s just so plain to see that you ain’t who you claim to be

You take the best of me and leave me with the rest of me
Track Name: The Collector
Smell like It never been used
came shrink-wrapped in the pack brand new
never did come equipped with the tunes
and the sharp son of a dude
spaces wasted
notebook pages
plain white canvass
never been painted
all chances never got taken
missed opportunity
boat is sinking
I think I’m gonna take it and make it like my pride
and keep it sacred not to hide and keep it secret
‘cause the world is my guide
and I need it to try
it’s the will to survive
believe it there’s no other reason why

Just like the old days
collecting the dust
it becomes staid
coloring gray
and all that you knew
faded and used
losing its worth
and falling out of time

Trying out with the beats intact
and basically the face feels so much alike
some with that
to the point of fact
surely its built with the word’s impact
limited tender
can’t sustain it
racks and stacks it’s all the same
with kingdom that the clock is faded
innocent for just a day
and felt naw let yourself
the point of this bitch is to get your health
only tips will help life
the hell it’s been in itself
antique speaking me
frame of colony complete
all I see is primitive peeps
simply ran around with me
kicking back like action figure
busting out of the pack is picture
I’m leaping through my years of service
Keeping up
Mom’s got me trippin’
Kept her in the perfect world
of chronologic talk
shorn of all the logic
but recorded
Instructor, cue the tempo

You to say goodbye
to the house that it feels like eyes your demise
And you compromise
When stuck in the same
your limited
you just collect, yourself, yourself, yourself
collecting your dust
It becomes staid
coloring gray
and all that you knew
faded and hues
losing its worth
and falling down
mmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm
mmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm
mmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm